Welcome to the Tagua Gunleather family! We are a holsters’ manufacturing company primarily focused on leather..

Our mission is to make endurable and affordable top-quality leather holsters and accessories. After more than 12 years in business, we are considered to be one of the fastest growing companies in the trade and since built a business model worthy of praise and imitation.

We are firm believers on the 2nd Amendment and what it entitles American citizens: The God given right of the people to keep and bear Arms. Proud members of the NRA Business Alliance, a seal of approval from the ones that knows best.

The holsters’ design is innovative to say the least. Its fits are constantly tested to perform as expected by the most demanding -and largest-  group of people: American gun owners.

Our choice of leather is top quality and premium 100% cowhide. Our LIFETIME WARRANTY is not only a witness to our commitment with our customers, but the proof of our trust in the top-quality holsters we make.


 Our History

We were born of the need of protection.

A longtime friend of our founder and CEO Luis Kellemen -a tennis player turned entrepreneur- was victim of a failed attempt of kidnaping. Security measures were made, and had to conceal a gun for a period of time. One day he told Mr. Kellemen of his failing leather holster. It was a top brand model, that had costed a lot of money and had never performed as it was supposed to.

It took a few months for this story to echo, and a quick study to realize that top-quality leather holsters could be made more affordable and durable.

The problem was the lack of experience in the field.

Thus, Mr. Kellemen took the very first models, of the now called Tagua Gunleather company, into the back of his car and hit the road.

The first years were tough, but the relationship built with gun shop owners and the advice given by many people God put in our way, turned the turbulent start into a steady soar.

The Tagua Gunleather family grew. Mistakes were made and corrected, but our humane take on the business was what ultimately took us from being a striving little company, with a car full of hopes and one model of holsters, to one of the leaders in the field, with a variety of more than 1600 fits.

The rest is history.